YouTube To Allow Users to Play ‘Mini Games’ Soon

The video-sharing platform YouTube is going to establish its presence in the gaming industry, but don’t anticipate an adventurous debut with big-name games or cloud gaming. Instead, YouTube is providing its customers with a charming collection of mini-games that can be played directly from the YouTube homepage, which is a great way to relax and have some fun.

The Playables Experience

Only a limited few beta testers have been given the opportunity to test out this intriguing feature, known as “Playables,” which is now in the experimental stage. If you are one of the select few, both on the desktop website and the mobile app, you will find the Playables category tucked away on the homepage.

 Stack Bounce: A Familiar Name

While there isn’t yet an official list of titles that have been released, reports suggest that “Stack Bounce” is one among the offerings. In this game, players control a ball that they must carefully click through rings with.

If the name “Stack Bounce” seems familiar, that’s because Google’s GameSnacks service used to provide it. It’s unclear whether Playables is a continuation of GameSnacks or something completely new because it was one of Google’s ideas that didn’t quite make the cut.

 A Glimpse of the Gameplay and Its Features

It’s important to realize that the gaming experiences offered by Google Stadia prior to its closure are vastly different from managing a 3D ball. The “History” page makes it simple to access your game progress, despite Google’s assurance that it will be saved. The gaming platform on YouTube, however, largely functions as a collection of mini-games for the time being, offering a distinctive and entertaining diversion for its users.


In the evolving landscape of online entertainment, YouTube’s venture into gaming with Playables offers a refreshing twist.YouTube is clearly devoted to giving its viewers a distinctive and interesting experience, even though the breadth of its gaming services is still unknown. So keep an eye out, my fellow gamers, because Playables might be the next big item to appear on your screens.

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