Govt Launches Whatsapp’s Alternative Called ‘Beep Pakistan’

Pakistan introduces Beep Pakistan, a domestic alternative to Whatsapp. Federal Minister for Information Technology, Syed Amin Ul Haque, introduced this landmark application and, in his remarks, emphasized its significance for the nation’s IT sector. During the inaugural event, he also highlighted the phased implementation plan, with the app’s gradual expansion from internal communication to widespread public accessibility.

 Key Benefits of ‘Beep Pakistan’ App:

  • This application allows users to communicate with confidence as this app ensures the data protection and privacy of its users
  • Offers secure environment as UTS server and source code are also being hosted within Pakistan
  • Like Whatsapp, this app also offers a comprehensive range of communication modes, such as data sharing, audio calls, video calls, and conference calls
  • This is a versatile platform, allowing personal chat to professional collaborations
  • This app will be accessible to everyone. Its accessibility will be made possible in phases
  • This app will contribute to the nation’s digital empowerment, fostering connectivity across government entities and the general public

Ministry of IT’s Holistic Approach:

In the last 3.5 years, the ministry has unleashed several projects. It has taken the lead on 83 projects, channeling an investment of Rs77 billion, all contributing to the acceleration of nationwide progress. A distinct emphasis on enhancing connectivity in second and third-tier cities vividly reflects the Ministry’s unwavering commitment to fostering well-rounded development.

This commitment is equally visible in their initiative to provide digital skills to a substantial 3.3 million children, a testament to their persistent dedication to equipping the younger generation with the demands of the digital era. Notably, the establishment of three additional National Incubation Centers (NIC) stands as a pivotal stride, extending robust support to innovation and entrepreneurship, thereby bolstering the landscape of progress even further.

In this evolving landscape, ‘Beep Pakistan’ emerges as a significant stride towards secure communication and digital inclusivity, indicating Pakistan’s commitment to technological advancement.

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