first freelance IT park to be launched in Pindi

First Freelance IT Park to be Launched In Pindi

The Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) is going to launch an IT park project -designed on the pattern of the Arfa Karim IT Park in Lahore- in Chaman Zar Colony. This project will not only facilitate It related research and development projects but will also create significant employment opportunities for youth. 

Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatta states, “IT-educated young boys and girls will be able to earn employment by developing their projects related to new software development and IT expertise.” He further says, “This IT park, established on the pattern of Arfa Karim Randhawa IT Park in Lahore, will be connected to the international business network.” 

Project Details

RS65 Million has been used to convert the community center building in Chaman Zar Colony into an IT park. According to the latest news, this park will be made functional in a matter of two weeks. This is the first of its kind in Rawalpindi. It is also pertinent to mention that besides the availability of advanced facilities, it will also produce 450 jobs. 

Advantages of the IT park

Mr. Commissioner states, “This freelance IT hub will be made functional soon. The IT Park will prove to be a source of good employment in the IT sector for the educated youth in Rawalpindi city for which the services of IT experts are also being procured so that the young boys and girls who want to acquire international-level expertise in the field of IT can also get the best guidelines.”

Furthermore, the twofold advantage of the project is discernable. On the one hand, this project will generate revenue for RMC and on the flip side, will assist youth to polish their skills and develop their career in the field.  


Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation is set to open an IT park soon in Chaman Zar Colony. This IT park will facilitate IT professionals in not only developing their skills but building their careers. The step of the authority must be appreciated as it is the first project of its kind in the city. Uneducated but literate youth is going to get the maximum benefit from this development. 

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